Why a VANISH System?

Simple operation

VANISH Systems utilize the most accepted and proven treatment process in the world.

VANISH systems treat wastewater using simple flocculation chemistry. Flocculation was first introduced in the United States in 1880. Flocculation continues to be a fundamental part of municipal and industrial wastewater treatment plants the world over.

If over 99% of operators choose flocculation there must be a reason:

  • Simplest to operate and maintain
  • Lowest operating costs
  • Best process to remove metals and other toxins from wastewater
  • Meets EPA standards

Clean Marine Solutions has successfully tweaked the flocculation process to meet the needs of smaller industries.

The results of our process have been spectacular – A study by the North Carolina Division of Water Quality found that average marine boat-wash wastewater contains 69,000 times more copper than the Clean Water Act’s discharge standard.

Our VANISH systems produce clarified water that has less copper and other target metals than the EPA threshold for drinking water. Clean water makes for easy permitting.

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Low service and maintenance costs

Take a close look at the VANISH 300. The tanks, pumps, plumbing and motors can be serviced by your staff. There are no proprietary components. A customer could choose to buy components off the shelf. In fact, we encourage our customers to do just that if we cannot offer the item at a lower cost.

Some competing systems have black boxes that can only be purchased from the system manufacturer. Compounding the problem is the fact that the “black boxes” must be serviced by the manufacture.

A VANISH item that cannot be bought off the shelf is the operating program in the Programmable Logic Controller (PLC). The PLC monitors and runs all operations in the treatment process. We have never had to replace a PLC; but it can it can be removed in less than fifteen minutes.

Chemical and filter supplies cost approximately 2.3 cents per gallon. The average customer spends less than $300.00 annually on supplies and service.

We do not know of a competitor that can achieve our effluent standards and match the low operating costs of the VANISH System.

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Easy to permit

Clean water makes for easy permitting.

The VANISH300 effluent typically has less toxic heavy metals than the EPA’s threshold for drinking water!

Our flocculation process by-product is a non-toxic sludge. The toxins and metals that were flocculated out of the wastewater are contained in the sludge. Our chemicals bind the toxins within the sludge and they will not leach out in a landfill. To date every landfill asked has allowed customers to dispose of the dried particulate in a dumpster with other yard trash.

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Designed and built to exceed environmental compliance standards

Ask one of our competitors about the levels of toxic heavy-metals that are in their system’s treated wastewater. A surprising number will tell you that “we are not really that concerned about heavy metal reduction; most of the metals are filtered out.”

Fact – A filter removes only particulate. Although that particulate contains the bulk of the metals, there are still too many metals and other toxins left in the filtered water. Metals left in solution exist as negatively charged atoms. (aka -ions.)

Filters cannot remove atoms.

The metals in solution are in perfect equilibrium and will stay in solution for eternity unless the equilibrium is upset.

The VANISH system disrupts the equilibrium and the toxic precipitate (aka floc) rapidly sinks to the bottom of the cone-bottom tank.

The VANISH effluent typically has less toxic heavy metals than the EPA’s threshold for drinking water.

Why is this important?

A competitive system may not reduce toxins to low enough levels to meet developing metal standards. This may mean that the labor to clean boats may soon skyrocket.

Some compliance authorities are concerned about the metal levels in treated and recycled power-wash overspray. Some jurisdictions are considering implementing new standards for the toxins in over- spray. If the level of metals in overspray do not meet new standards – they may require that a barrier be constructed to contain overspray.

What would you estimate the additional labor costs would be if yard personnel had to secure a spray barrier around each boat hauled?

Clean Marine Solutions has met all the standards published to date.

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We are here to help

CMS does not want you to purchase anything that you do not need. We will work with you before the sale to ensure that you get your best bang for the buck. 

Why buy a system with a treatment capacity way above your needs?

Most of our customers purchase the VANISH Treatment System. It can process about a 1,000 gallons per day.

If the amount of wastewater generated increases; it is easy to add our optional components to handle the higher quantity. The components are simple plug and play. The PLC is programmed to control add-on components.

For small generators, we offer a manual treatment system. It has no electrical components and yet it will produce the same quality effluent as our automated systems. Our competitors do not have a similar system to offer. They are smart. Why lose sales of expensive systems by offering a manual system at a about a tenth of the cost.

In some ways we are not very smart. So be it – Clean Marine Solutions does want you to purchase anything that you do not need.

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One size does not fit all !  Give us a call to discuss your facilities compliance needs.

Clean Marine Solutions delivers the Biggest Bang for Your Buck.