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Clean Marine Solutions’ mission is to help wastewater generators become compliant the Federal Clean Water Act by offering affordable and easy to use wastewater treatment and recycle systems.

We have been doing this for ten years.

Our average customer spends about $300 annually on service and supply costs. We do not know of any competitor system that can beat our service and supply costs.

Our mission is also to build a system that leads the industry in removing toxins in wastewater.

We also assist with permitting. In North Carolina, the only boatyards that are legally washing boats have a VANISH System and we wrote their permit.

We are proud that we have reduced permitting costs in North Carolina by about $9,000,

We build manual treatment systems for small wastewater generators that start below $2,000.

Clean Marine Solutions will help you decide what size system you need so that you get the Best Bang for Your Buck.

In achieving our mission goals we are proud to be a part of reversing decades of environmental degradation caused by the flow of toxic power-wash wastewater into our precious and fragile waterways.

One example of how we are hitting our goals:

A CMS VANISH300 System was selected as part of an effort to help boatyards and marinas on San Francisco Bay to become compliant with the Federal Clean Water Act.

San Francisco Baykeeper, an environmental non-profit, provided funding to the Spaulding Wooden Boat Center in Sausalito to redesign its facility with cutting-edge pollution control measures. To this end, Spaulding purchased Clean Marine Solutions’ VANISH300 Wastewater Treatment & Recycling System. The Spaulding Center will use the VANISH to educate local boatyard and marina owners on how to reduce pollution of the Bay from boat repair and maintenance operations.

And incredibly, permitting in California was the easiest we have encountered.


David Flagler, Owner

David founded Clean Marine Solutions, LLC in 2009.

In 2010, Clean Marine Solutions was awarded a grant from the North Carolina Board of Science and Technology to further develop and test the VANISH prototype.

He majored in chemistry at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. He conducted his first experiments clarifying marine power-wash wastewater over thirty years ago while heading the Boat Building program at Cape Fear Community College in Wilmington, NC.

David has over 30 years experience in the marine business.

In 1995, David served as founder, director and tenured professor at the University of Hawaii, Honolulu Community College’s new Marine Education and Training Center.  One of the curriculum goals was to train students and marina operators in operation of a wastewater treatment system.

David also served as the first Director of the North Carolina Marine Training and Education Center at Carteret Community College in Morehead City, NC.

Mr. Flagler has been a frequent presenter and moderator at the International Boat Builders’ Conference and Exhibit (IBEX). David made a seminar presentation at IBEX 2009 that addressed the challenges and the advantages of boatyards “going green.” The seminar was sponsored by the American BoatBuilders and Repairers Association.

In addition, David:

  • Served on United States Congressman Mike McIntyre’s Environmental Task Force.
  • Served on the North Carolina Eastern Region Strategic Planning Committee.
  • Served on advisory board for the International Boat Builders’ Conference and Exhibit (IBEX).
  • Seminar speaker at the 2005 Conference on Marine Industry Technical Training
  • Member of the planning / advisory board for the 2007 International Boat Building Exhibition and Conference.
  • Published articles in MarinaDockage, Professional BoatBuilder and Wooden Boat magazines.

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