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Clean Marine Solutions – Your Environmental Compliance Partner

For over 10 years Clean Marine Solutions has been manufacturing custom wastewater treatment systems to aid wastewater generators in becoming compliant with the Federal Clean Water Act. We work to be adaptable to your needs and your budget.

Our VANISH Systems remove hazardous chemicals and compounds from wastewater to industry-leading standards for almost any entity that generates wastewater. Our environmental compliance consulting provides an additional service allowing us to be a client’s complete environmental compliance partner.


How do VANISH Systems Clarify Wastewater?


  • Uniquely combining state-of-the-art electronic treatment process controls with a chemical treatment process that been in use for generations.

  • Using simple flocculation chemistry which continues to be a fundamental process used in municipal and industrial wastewater treatment plants the world over.
  • Successfully tweaking the flocculation process to meet the needs of smaller wastewater generators.

VANISH Systems use a flocculation process because it is simplest to operate and maintain, has the lowest operating costs and is the best process to remove metals and other toxins out of wastewater. Our VANISH systems produce an effluent that has less copper than the EPA threshold for drinking water.

Clean water makes for easy permitting.

We are looking forward to working with you to become your environmental compliance partner.

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What Our Clients Say

“Our VANISH Waste Water Treatment System works great. Clean Marine Solutions was very helpful from our initial inquiry through installation and operation. We are very satisfied.”  Bill de Rouville

Owner, de Rouville’s Boat Shop, Bayville, New Jersey

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Some of our competitors brag that their wastewater treatment systems have 20-micron polypropylene filters to remove toxic heavy metals. This filter can catch paint residue and particulate.  But a 20-micron filter cannot come even close to filtering out metal ions. The...

The VANISH System Treatment Process in Action

The VANISH System Treatment Process in Action

This video shows a sample of wastewater taken from the VANISH Treatment Tank immediately after the flocculation polymers have been injected and stirred. In the video the settling process has begun....

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