Clean Marine Solutions manufactures VANISH Wastewater Treatment and Recycling Systems.

VANISH Systems uniquely combine state-of-the-art electronic treatment process controls with a chemical treatment process that was first introduced in the United State in 1880.

VANISH systems clarify wastewater using simple flocculation chemistry. Flocculation continues to be a fundamental process used in municipal and industrial wastewater treatment plants the world over.

Clean Marine Solutions has successfully tweaked the flocculation process to meet the needs of smaller wastewater generators..

If over 99% of operators choose flocculation there must be a reason:

  •    Simplest to operate and maintain
  •    Lowest operating costs
  •    Best process to remove metals and other toxins out of wastewater
  •    Meets EPA standards

A study by the North Carolina Division of Water Quality found that the average boat-wash wastewater contains 69,000 times the discharge standard for copper Clean Water Act.

Our VANISH systems produce an effluent that has less copper than the EPA threshold for drinking water

Clean water makes for easy permitting.

We would be honored  to be your environmental compliance partner.

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