As featured in the 2011 December issue of Professional BoatBuilder magazine

Clean Marine Solutions manufactures wastewater treatment and recycle systems designed to remove heavy metals and other contaminants that are typically found in boat wash wastewater.

VANISH Manual Treatment System for small wastewater generators

VANISH Manual Treatment System for small wastewater generators

Our VANISH systems are automated and come with all necessary sensors, pumps, mixers, tanks, valves and plumbing. Treatment operations and processes are monitored and controlled by our proprietary Programmable Logic Controller (PLC).  The VANISH product line has systems capable of treating thousands of gallons of wastewater daily with the push of a button.

We realized that in this tough economy, some small boatyards and marinas would have to cease boat-washing operations or face fines from environmental compliance authorities. We have developed a low-cost manual wastewater treatment system that produces clarified water to the same industry leading standards that our VANISH systems produce.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Why not simply have our wastewater hauled off-site? There are several reasons. But the bottom line business reason is that treating wastewater on-site is much cheaper than having the wastewater hauled-off.

For example, assume your yard generates 3,000 gallons of wastewater per year. Haul fees are generally $0.60 or more per gallon. So the annual haul fees would be $1,800.00 or more. An increasing number of licensed waste haulers now require the testing of wastewater to determine precisely what chemicals / toxins are in the wastewater BEFORE they will pick it up. These tests can easily cost from $250 – $500.

The Manual Treatment System’s supplies cost about $0.03 per gallon or about $90.00 for 3,000 gallons.

Cost Comparison

Qty. Wastewater generated annually

Haul fees vs. supply costs per gallon

Annual costs

Haul-Off Site 3000 gallons

$ 0.60*


Manual Treatment System 3000 gallons

$ 0.03*


*Supply costs are good faith estimates and are not guaranteed. Chemical costs, like all commodities, are subject to fluctuations. Each yard’s savings will vary.

With our manual treatment system, you can pay for the system and maybe save a couple of hundred dollars in the first year. In subsequent years, your annual savings may be more than $1,000.