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North Carolina’s First Boatyard to have their Powerwash Recycle Operations Permitted and in Environmental Compliance

Specialty Boatworks, 262 Battleship Road, Bellville, NC is the first in the state to have its powerwashing operations brought onto environmental compliance and permitted by North Carolina Department of Natural and Environmental Resources Division of Water Quality.

Specialty Boatworks purchased a VANISH 300™ Marina Wastewater Recycle System from Clean Marine Solutions in July, 2010. Specialty Boatworks requested and received “Deemed Permitted” status per NC State Administrative Code 15A NCAC 02T.

“Deemed Permitted” status means that Specialty Boatworks did not have to go through the expensive full permitting process.

Using Clean Marine Solutions’ VANISH 300 and Closed-Loop Recycle Environmental Compliance Plan it only cost Specialty the price of a stamp to receive a permit. An environmental consulting company estimated that Specialty saved over $8,000 by not having to go through the full recycle permitting process. Thousands of savings will continue to be realized at Specialty because compliance authorities waived the standard requirement that a licensed wastewater operator run the system. This is another key advantage of the VANISH 300 that sets it above the competition.