Your employees will take pride in knowing that they work in a Clean and Green facility.

I will never forget installing one of our VANISH Wastewater Recycling systems at a boatyard in rural North Carolina. Every day after work, a boatyard employee would check his crab traps.

When we install our VANISH systems, we always run it to show our customers how the VANISH has clarified their once black wastewater into clear water with less toxic metals that the EPA’s threshold for drinking water. The crabber and I finished the set up at the end of the workday. A beautiful sunset painted the waterway.

The crabber headed to the dock to check his traps. I’ll never forget him saying “ I’ll bet my crabs are going start tasting even better because of the cleaner water.” Oh, How I wish I had a video of that to share.


David Flagler

Owner and Founder

Clean Marine Solutions