Our Goal: Affordable Environmental Compliance Systems for Boat Yards and Marinas

Many businesses, from small dry-cleaning operations to massive coal plants have operated in a fashion that releases harmful chemicals and compounds onto our land, and into our air and water. Boatyard and marina operators, often unknowingly, have contributed to the environmental degradation of our water quality and marine life.

Boats are painted with biocides commonly known as anti-fouling paints. For decades, boat yards and marinas have pressure washed boat bottoms to remove marine growth and to remove old anti-fouling paint as part of routine boat maintenance.

Anti-fouling paints contain heavy metals. These heavy metals have a serious negative impact on marine life. Oysters, clams, and algae bio-accumulate copper to their own demise. Reproduction and thus harvesting yields are negatively impacted. The impact increases exponentially as the heavy metals work their way up the food chain.

For decades boatyards have been allowing heavy metal-laden wastewater generated from pressure washing to flow into coastal waters, rivers, lakes, estuaries and adjacent property.

A Sea Grant officer stated at the January 2007 Clean Marina Association Meeting that there were no boatyards or marinas in compliance with the Federal Clean Water Act.

Clean Marine Solutions (CMS), has built an affordable wastewater treatment system that offers a unique and cost-effective way for boatyards to achieve environmental compliance. The main components of the system are a water clarifier and an evaporator.

Tests reveal that the Vanish 300’s water clarifier removes 99.5% of copper in the wastewater. The clarified water is then recycled or evaporated. A 50-gallon drum of heavy metal-laden wastewater can be reduced to a half a pound of dry precipitate that can easily be permitted to be properly contained in a municipal landfill.

The CMS system costs thousands less than the competition and is over 80% less expensive to operate.