Custom Solution to Discarding Toxic Wastewater From Boat Washing

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Simple operation

Alan Rusher, President of Specialty Boatworks in Wilmington, North Carolina sums it up in his comments about his VANISH 300:

We really like the VANISH system. It is so easy to maintain and operate that it is almost fool-proof. Specialty Boatworks is proud to be the first boatyard in North Carolina to have their power-washing recycling operations permitted by the NC Department of Environment and Natural Resources.

Incidentally, permitting was easy. We used Clean Marine Solutions compliance template. Authorities came to our yard to observe the system and our operations. We received a letter of compliance from NCDENR within a week. And perhaps best of all, because the system is so easy to operate, they did not require us to have a licensed wastewater operator on staff.

Alan Rusher, Specialty Boatworks, Wilmington, NC

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Low service and maintenance costs

Take a close look at the VANISH 300. You will see that many of the components (tanks, pumps, basic plumbing and valves and motors) can be serviced by your staff. The electronic components are similar to marine electronic components – if a component goes bad, unplug it and plug in the new one.

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Low operating costs

Chemical and filter supplies cost approximately 2.25 cents per gallon*

The average marina will spend about $225.00 annually for chemicals and filters to treat 10,000 gallons of wastewater.

The optional UV Disinfectant System lamp needs to be replaced annually. The lamps cost on average $75.00. It is a 10 minute operation to change the lamp.

Note: A marina or boatyard may spend more or less than this average. Like all commodities, chemical and filter costs fluctuate.

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Typically easy to permit

Starting the wastewater recycle system permitting process from scratch can be very costly, take a lot of time and give you many headaches.

A grant from the North Carolina Board of Science and Technology funded our efforts to create a template to simplify the permitting process for boatyards and marinas that wanted to do the right thing for the environment but had no idea where to begin.

Clean Marine Solutions spent hundreds of hours nose-to- nose with environmental compliance authorities establishing point-by point exactly what was required of boatyard or marina in regards to power-wash wastewater recycling.

We pounded our heads against the bureaucratic wall in hopes that our customers would not have to repeat the process.

Environmental compliance authorities came to observe the VANISH 300 in operation at a boatyard. They granted unprecedented fast-track permitting to the boatyard. This saved the boatyard thousands of dollars because they did not have to incur the high costs associated with the full permitting and annual renewal process. Even greater savings were realized because they were not required to have a licensed wastewater operator on staff.

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Designed and built to exceed environmental compliance standards

Ask one of our competitor’s about the levels of toxic heavy-metals that are in their system’s treated wastewater. A surprising number will tell you that “we are not really that concerned about heavy metal reduction; most of the metals are filtered out.”

Dissolved metals will stay happily in solution indefinitely until they meet the VANISH 300. And this fact separates the VANISH 300 from most of the competition.

Some jurisdictions are considering requiring that a barrier be constructed to prevent power-wash overspray from blowing off the containment pad. What would you estimate the additional labor costs would be if yard personnel had to secure a spray barrier around each boat hauled?

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Bigger bang for smaller bucks

We do not want to sell you anything that YOU DO NOT NEED.

Why pay extra for a system designed to remove heavy oil?

Why buy a holding tank with a UV disinfectant system if you do not need it?

The basic chemical treatment process utilized by the VANISH 300 is currently used in water treatment plants all over the world and the process has been used for decades. Clean Marine Solutions has tweaked the chemistry to specifically treat boatyard power-wash wastewater. We have scaled and tailored the process to be easily operated by boatyard personnel.

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Customization available to meet your facilities’ capacity and compliance needs

One size does not fit all. We do not want you to buy any components that you do not need.

Give us a call. We will discuss your facility compliance needs and provide a quick quote that will include only the components you need.

Give us a call and we will show you how:

Clean Marine Solutions’ VANISH Powerwash Wastewater Treatment & Recycle Systems

Deliver the Biggest Bang for your Green Bucks

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