Clean Marine Solutions (CMS) has designed and built a state–of–the-art wastewater treatment system that offers a unique and affordable means for boatyards to achieve environmental compliance.

Many businesses, from small dry cleaning operations to massive coal plants have operated in a fashion that release harmful chemicals and compounds onto our land, and into our air and water. Boat yard and marina operators, often unknowingly, have contributed to the environmental degradation of our water quality and marine life.

Boats stored in water (salt or fresh) are coated with anti-fouling paints. These paints prevent marine growth from adhering to the bottom of the vessel. Marine growth causes hull drag which substantially decreases fuel efficiency and prevents a vessel from reaching design speed. Anti- fouling coatings from the paints slough off into the water in the course of a year and marine growth begins to grow on the boat bottom. Boats are hauled out of the water annually at a boat yard and pressure washed to remove marine growth and old paint so that a fresh coat of paint can be applied. Pressure washing blasts the toxic heavy metals from the boat onto whatever surface is below the boat. Most boat yards have no provision for keeping the toxic wastewater from entering surface waters, land or aquifers.

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